– – The Rachel Blues

A Blues

Sing me a song about Rachel
I remember her so well
Sing a sweet song of Rachel
Oh Yes, I remember her well
Blonde hair and handsome body
Kisses straight from hell.

Dancin’ nightly to a downbeat
moving hot with flaming eyes
Dancin’ every night on Club Street
Oh so hot, my baby’s eyes
Even now her music takes my feet
Where her breathin’ was all sighs …

Bright eyes and easy smiling
fingers softly taking mine
Her wide eyes and easy smiling
shyly set her hand in mine
Flirting lightly as a feather
–aching for her touch of wine

Rachel was as fair as fair
loved and never asked for walls
Oh Rachel always acted fair
She loved and without any walls
Fools thought this a holy joy
‘Til Rachel waved goodbye to all

I was dreamin’ of her last night
And spoke out loud her name
Dreamed of Rachel last night
called out, called out her name
My wife she woke and beat me
Rachel please, come take the blame

Oh, Rachel please, come take my name
in this wide world come take my name!

1 Response to – – The Rachel Blues

  1. Tiffany from joes' says:

    I like the song, it was beautiful.
    thanks for the gift.

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