The Poetry Containers

Welcome to the sorted viewpoint.

Look right.

You should see a list of pages, one of which is this page (The Poetry containers), and under it, Ha Ha, are listed some other pages, each of which contains poetry!!!!

OK, my humor is juvenile today… …

The categories are:

Finished Things
Just Thoughts
Pretty Words
The Lines of War

On the Home page of this blog, there are a lot of rough, early poems. As they mature, they will be copied to these pages, where they can settle into a life of leisure, and fewer edits. But, they still like to meet the occasional reader and show themselves off.

Make them feel at home, and comment often.

Xie xie ne.

1 Response to The Poetry Containers

  1. Molly Shuney says:

    I wish you well, I met a poet, he knew of culture, art, Japan and coffee.

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