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Another City Poem

The Women In the Hotel in X’ian (first draft) Gluttony and lust equal BEST SINS EVER! ——Jenna. One night at the hotel in Xi’an are 12 Americans all men And no one else in the city hails from foreign hells … Continue reading

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A Blues For Molly

Here is a poem which is posted elsewhere, but never seems to attract attention, so here it is. A Blues for Molly Oh, sing this to Molly, she deserved her sadness today, her grades were a wreck and her Irish … Continue reading

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A short one for Jenna, who loves the arthropods…

A Blue-Tailed Dragon Arthropods, Oh My! Damselflys and blue-tailed dragons lift on lacy currents, drift passed sweet flowers, summer colors where hope behind the lens evokes Jenna’s breathy joy!

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For my friend the writer, and for everyone else who needs a little encouragement on the dark days.

ON HER BLOG WHEN SHE ASKED PLEASE TELL ME THE THINGS I AM DOING RIGHT I NEED TO HEAR THAT DESPERATELY SO I SAID: hmmm, suppose, that the true heroes of this world are not the flashy super-gender types, or … Continue reading

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Writing more lately, surprising even myself, and testing rhymes

Walking in the old ‘Hood. Today i walked in the park just a lark, I strolled past old places remembering faces and dreams — my childish schemes seem petty now, but how deeply then we lived desire longings were fire … Continue reading

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A day spent talking and writing

So, here’s a new one, a draft, and a sem-final version, after meeting a woman and falling madly, passionately, and helplessly into her wonderful life… you are so sweet, i can imagine you taste like ice cream and your skin, … Continue reading

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Thinking again of the boys of war

Today they brought someone home from Iraq, and his unit mustered at the Veteran’s cemetery here, and I saw them from the window of the train as it went from the Veteran’s hospital toward my home. And I thought of … Continue reading

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An older poem

Here is one from a few years ago, about an Okinawa that is no longer the same (everywhere changes). But when I first lived there, fishing boats still slid down the tides, and the rural kids (yes, there were a … Continue reading

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Hello and Spring was not early this weathered year.

Every year there is another crisis in the family, and the prairie seems to envelope all in a great horizon of either hope or despair, and sometimes both at once. Here there have been some warm happenings, and a possible … Continue reading

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A translation

Here I have tried my shaking hands at a translation, my first that I trust so far. I translated the poem, not the individual words or the Daoist, Buddhist, Confucianist allusions, which do not fit into English poetry. I kept … Continue reading

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Spice Poems, First Round

As mentioned below, here are a few little verses concerning spices, which I hope are fun and nicely packaged, with a little poetic license taken, and some allusions to the kitchens included. Please enjoy, and leave any comments you like. … Continue reading

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So, I don’t believe in the “prose poem”

But I recently just went off and wrote at breakneck speed about being a lover of words, and below is what i came up with. Perhaps we can make it into a short Edda or a long lament, or perhaps … Continue reading

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