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Another rough post, and some possibilities

Well, this is rough, but we are editing and writing more daily. The problem is that we write a million words, and then we excise 999,990 to make it say everything in perfection and simplicity, forgetting that we remember every … Continue reading

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Another thought on Peace, and War that spawns the need…

It’s time for new Metaphors The world is lately filled with conflict, Wars where terrorists are Muslim, Christian, Arab, Jew, perhaps Knights Freedom Fighters, Defenders of faith. And, everyone’s god is on their side. staring at the deep blue sky … Continue reading

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Cities for you, readers, here is another one in Japan during Moon-watching Season.

Kyoto, Ancien Haute Couture of Modern Japan It is only true in the evenings in August cars desist, Shrines are lit, manners polished The city of Kimono’d women fills again ancient ghosts walk streets chattering here they pass through gates … Continue reading

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OK, time for the commentators to help

What we need here is a discussion about punctuation in poetry, or what should I do with the Enjo Poem? I think the spacing defines the rhythm, and punctuation will be redundant here. But that is my own masterly artistic … Continue reading

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Some of the Japanese work

Enjo-Kosai children (Tokyo) There are heavy sinful nights      on Tokyo’s flashy streets           what Gaijin call the true Bladerunner dark                where wheezing suits of Yakuza                     suck ramen noodles hotly                          over gritty golden teeth where a million black umbrellas      hide a thousand … Continue reading

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Well, that last needs work.

Walking Past the Park at the VA Hospital Bits of color flash in the palm, fingers tighten, loosen twist and twitch in nervous candor Something in brown and tremulous hands held airily or softly or in fear of breakage Hands … Continue reading

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A rewrite of the Hemingway draft

////// There was a bit here for comparison, but FYI to those following this blog, and especially to Gracie, this is not it. The original will suffice until it is bettered, or proves itself sufficient.////////////

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