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Another thought on Peace, and War that spawns the need…

It’s time for new Metaphors The world is lately filled with conflict, Wars where terrorists are Muslim, Christian, Arab, Jew, perhaps Knights Freedom Fighters, Defenders of faith. And, everyone’s god is on their side. staring at the deep blue sky … Continue reading

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Another City Poem

The Women In the Hotel in X’ian (first draft) Gluttony and lust equal BEST SINS EVER! ——Jenna. One night at the hotel in Xi’an are 12 Americans all men And no one else in the city hails from foreign hells … Continue reading

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A Blues For Molly

Here is a poem which is posted elsewhere, but never seems to attract attention, so here it is. A Blues for Molly Oh, sing this to Molly, she deserved her sadness today, her grades were a wreck and her Irish … Continue reading

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A short one for Jenna, who loves the arthropods…

A Blue-Tailed Dragon Arthropods, Oh My! Damselflys and blue-tailed dragons lift on lacy currents, drift passed sweet flowers, summer colors where hope behind the lens evokes Jenna’s breathy joy!

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