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For my friend the writer, and for everyone else who needs a little encouragement on the dark days.

ON HER BLOG WHEN SHE ASKED PLEASE TELL ME THE THINGS I AM DOING RIGHT I NEED TO HEAR THAT DESPERATELY SO I SAID: hmmm, suppose, that the true heroes of this world are not the flashy super-gender types, or … Continue reading

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Writing more lately, surprising even myself, and testing rhymes

Walking in the old ‘Hood. Today i walked in the park just a lark, I strolled past old places remembering faces and dreams — my childish schemes seem petty now, but how deeply then we lived desire longings were fire … Continue reading

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A day spent talking and writing

So, here’s a new one, a draft, and a sem-final version, after meeting a woman and falling madly, passionately, and helplessly into her wonderful life… you are so sweet, i can imagine you taste like ice cream and your skin, … Continue reading

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