Spice Poems, First Round

As mentioned below, here are a few little verses concerning spices, which I hope are fun and nicely packaged, with a little poetic license taken, and some allusions to the kitchens included. Please enjoy, and leave any comments you like.

Spice Poems (First Draft)

Salt – humble crystal magic, preserves life
softens heat, melts ice and mmm, defines
taste, and a pinch in the kitchen.

Pepper – black and tiny spheres to grind upon
our dressing, eggs, just anything too bland,
what needs a little counter point; aha, a sneeze!

Garlic – pleated rows of bulbs for plucking
and then for stripping clothes from cloves
finally bringing pungent sharpness into life.

Ginger – here are candied jells, mixed with sweets,
but Oh! across the water it’s pounded into Kimchi,
baked in Chinese lemon fishes, sliced for pickles in Japan.

Tarragon – for making Bearnaise and Tartare
from French, le dragon herb lives ever in wine
to spice and surprise our quickie soups.

Basil – rich green leaves for Pesto, or to stop
boring the tongue with tomato sauces boiled;
basil gives the garlic strength and texture.

About dragonpoet

But sometimes what you write is neither polished nor useful. Then it arrives here. With lots of sentence fragments and beginning ideas. If you wish, please comment on what you find. If you don't like the politics, don't comment. Here, we deal with the writing.
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1 Response to Spice Poems, First Round

  1. clartedubois says:

    Yes, that’s nice… I can taste it.

    I can’t help to give it to you… it’s even not a recipe…
    Just something about basil:
    Tomato slices, mozarella slices and basil…
    Plus if you like it a bit of crystal salt, grinded four seasons pepper and a taste of garlic, but you can without it.
    The principle is red tomato slice, white mozarella, leaf of basilic and so on a plate.
    Some bread and of cours e: red Italian wine…
    It is Italian in color and Italian in taste.

    PS: 4 seasons pepper has four colors…

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