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So, I don’t believe in the “prose poem”

But I recently just went off and wrote at breakneck speed about being a lover of words, and below is what i came up with. Perhaps we can make it into a short Edda or a long lament, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Spicy Poetry, and Help from Readers

As an idea for a poem (inscape, imagist, and sensuous), I think writing a series of couplets or verse (triplets at the most) about Spices would be interesting. My brothers and I were talking about spices and cooking, and i … Continue reading

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A try at a Blues song, and hope for rewrites from the masses.

A Blues (This will go unto the songwriting and blues pages when it is more satisfactory. Until then, please tell me what you would rewrite.) Sing me a song about Rachel I remember her so well Sing a sweet song … Continue reading

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Cities for you, readers, here is another one in Japan during Moon-watching Season.

Kyoto, Ancien Haute Couture of Modern Japan It is only true in the evenings in August cars desist, Shrines are lit, manners polished The city of Kimono’d women fills again ancient ghosts walk streets chattering here they pass through gates … Continue reading

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Cities again, here are two images of the Caribbean

Charlotte Amalie The place to shop here is the Bishop Tutu Mall … an occasional revolutionary parking lot But in the heat, the slow pace of afternoons outside cemeteries (New Orleans copied these, A Caribbean standard … … almost Japanese … Continue reading

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Short stuff, of no particular style

Some rough, some smooth, and here’s 2 Cinquains, one old, one new, both finished, not rough, and contented. ****************************************** Sometimes the image is only a gentle touch Among quiet hours When cold harsh lights Will not intrude the dusky softness. … Continue reading

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once more, on poetry, dear …

 If you are interested, this has gone on to comparisons, with a new version added. Poetry (A little pretentious?) This is the love of words, of cadence set upon the sea of rhyme caressed within your heart, tossed upon your … Continue reading

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More today … We view the poetry of war ..

Today, there are 3,000 Americans boys and girls dead in a little desert stupidity. Here are pictures of other stupidities. GOD IS A HELICOPTER Slung under and about with modern machinery fast firing guns and faster rockets stand me in … Continue reading

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Today is a day for posting

And changing the links, perhaps organizing pages. Should we create new pages for each category of poem? Or spread them willy nilly across the screen, and perhaps load an avatar? I think I’ll find all the poetry spread across my … Continue reading

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Eddas, vignettes, and old found pieces.

Found on a 22 year old computer Testing my oldest PC, a 1984 Leading Edge XT, I found this poem on the hard drive (it’s not my oldest computer, that’s a 1980 CP/M Kaypro II, but it’s not a PC). … Continue reading

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OK, let’s just put up all the unfinished business and make this website do something!

Take a look at these attempts, tell me what would you rewrite, and why, And thanks in advance for the dialogue. A Lost Love Song Summers eve upon the plain a languid silky shadowed sky lazy dusky sunshine warm prairie … Continue reading

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