Beauty and Contemplation on the Heart-Lung Machine


Sometimes, I think this is one of the most beautiful equations in the universe. Other times I think it is a scary idea, and all the corollaries I have listed are there to make us properly thoughtful and humble.  When the Nurse Anesthetist and the Surgeon started placing things in my jugular vein in preparation for the heart lung machine (just prior to opening my chest and removing my heart), I decided to think deeply on the enigma which is the above equation. I had no great insights, but I did find the contemplation soothing, and the depth of the thought required to face these gems brought me to rest in no time, and I missed the excitement of the surgical interventions. Of course, I went under then, in winter, and now it is spring.

a recent try at thoughts and words, and it is a very early draft of ideas.

Little Rhymes for Christof the Spoken Poet

Like Eliot, we are putting on a face
to meet the faces that we meet)

In the crowd a pleasant smiling softness
show faces changing feelings
wearing what we cannot hide
hiding what our smile never shows
feeling changes chasing wishes
Hiding among the bullies
and then desire — just a secret shock…

today reading Millay
and Berryman, of course and Wang Wei.
these three explode together
these three combine so fine-ly

a green and bluish muse, my baby oh yes
we need inspiration,
a quiet Chinese forest,
anxious american words
screeds against the ennui

shall i create a shambling devil pulling my soul

or yet describe — that night in jail
i could not believe how much stupidity existed
i sucked another nail –

Homer found Ulysses and also rhythm
what or who will i find in the seeking of a dragon
my muse in the future –

ha ha, i shall implore my soul
in missives to the dragon, follow my lead here
my dear.

describe the perfect description in musical words

Evening on the summer prairie (A late rewrite while facing winter).

Summers eve upon the plain
a languid silky shadowed sky,
lazy dusky sunshine warm
a prairie day declining lightly
wistful breezes weaving grasses
shadow clouds of summer storms
like birds upon a zephyr
fluttering ever
endlessly never
grasping soothing wafting fingers
slide like waving grasses
among this breathless touching
softly woven desire
floats on drifting air……..

Music at Joe’s

Writing is albums of the heart,
we sigh – try to fly to birth this life
to share perhaps, our dreams.

Places find you in your wonder,
the air is ripe, plucking ears
like a blues harp in a smoky joint

singing in a many flowered voice.
waking the artist between refrains,
warm this strummin’ heart and sing
the sun and moon into our world

Her fiddle bowed
parts untamed sounds
and shapes the voice of air

quiet arrays, supporting chords
backups smile the music sweetly.

thumping, drumming, pounding sounds
pump our blood outright
bouncing counterpoint beats in style

lyrics find flirting hearts,
Spirits dancing air
prancing under sweet
cool lacquered strokes
from a breathless alto angel.